M1 Pro and M1 Max Accessories For Travel

If you’re looking for M1 Pro and M1 Max accessories for travel, then I’ve got a few that I’ve been testing and have used for quite some time in my workflow over the years.

I tried to keep some of these options more geared for those that are on the move or on location and need to remain as lightweight as possible. The 14-inch M1 Mac MacBook Pro is a great machine and some of these accessories make it even better, and I have a new favorite piece of tech from Omnicharge, the Omni 20+.

I'll continue to do more testing and reviews of the Omni 20+ but I will say that I'm really glad to have this in my bag as I've been increasingly on the move.

Additional details on the Omni 20+ https://bit.ly/Omni20Plus

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