I do not recommend gear that I wouldn't feel comfortable using myself or if I question whether it would adequately serve your needs, then it's a non-starter for me. I will continue to recommend alternatives that best fit your budget and your use case when I can.

I have a number of affiliate partners that I work with. Specifically, I do recommend many products as an Amazon Associate and I may earn from qualifying purchases.

In addition I do work with other strategic partners that I feel are relevant and a good fit for the community here. This is at no extra cost to you and all proceeds are invested back into the business.


I do welcome these opportunities if they fit the narrative here, and at any given time I may work in partnership with a brand or sponsor. The messaging on this site as well as in my videos will remain clear regarding this relationship.

I pride myself on honesty with the community that I serve here and I also take my professional relationship with brands very seriously. Transparency will exist on both sides and I will only partner with brands and sponsors that I feel align with how I approach business and that can offer value to the community, especially when it comes to making an informed buying decision.

The numbers are the numbers. The connection matters more.

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From the community

"Pffff, best video I've seen talking about the gear you need to make it both ways. Thank you man, I'd hug you if I could, cheers 👍"

— César González

"Love your videos. Relevant content, simple but high quality presentation and a humble and honest host! Keep them coming! ✌️"

— Santhosh P.R.

"Man! I love how you are able to deliver quality content and show how how to do it with a minimal kit! Thanks again Kevin!"

— Evan Aube

"The exact question I was asking myself this week. Are you also a psychic? lol"

— Monica Ausnit