How to Correct Lens Distortion or that Fisheye effect in FCPX

Using a wide angle lens is awesome to get those establishing shots or to even capture the image or video that you’re trying to film in small spaces. The unfortunate side effect of using a wide angle lens is that you can often times get a distorted or fisheye look in your shot.

In this simple tutorial I walk through how to correct lens distortion in Final Cut Pro X by adding just one silly, but effective built-in effect to correct the image that is oftentimes created by a wide angle lens.

You can fix this in Adobe Premiere Pro with the lens distortion effect, but in this Final Cut Pro X tutorial we’re going to be adding an effect that you may not have realized that it could offer some lens correction. If you want to remove the fish eye effect in your footage, this quick tip may offer you some value.

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