The iPad Air 4 has More Ports than the M1 MacBook Air with this Accessory

The iPad air 4 has more ports than the m1 MacBook Air with this accessory. When it comes to the idea of an iPad becoming a laptop replacement, especially when comparing it to the M1 MacBook Air, I know there is a lot to say about this statement.

The iPad Air 4 is one of the most capable and powerful tablets to date, and with this accessory it becomes even more capable to scale as a laptop replacement. In this review of the Hubble from Fledging, I discuss the potential use cases and I’ve also tested it in my own workflow.

I agree that adding in more accessories and upgrading the storage capacity of the iPad starts to get the price point closer if not more than the current M1 MacBook Air or any other ultra book, but I certainly can’t deny the appeal and your own workflow if an iPad is your go to device.

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