Why Apple Needs to Release M1X and M2 Macs

Why we need the M1X and M2 Mac to be released by Apple. If you're waiting on the M1X or M2 Mac because you want or need these machines for your workflow, then you're in line with many others that are waiting on that release date.

However, for those that aren't interested in the Apple Silicon lineup and wanting a Windows or Linux based machine, it's no secret that these Apple M1 chips have moved the needle a bit for chip and computer manufacturers across the board. Whether you're paying attention to when the M1X will be released or not, the companies that occupy this space are very much paying close attention while either trying to catch up, or for those that are ahead (right now) can widen their lead if it all possible.

What's your next move here? Are you waiting for the M1X or are you hoping these releases will bring better options outside of the Apple garden?

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