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Video Podcast Setup for Guests and Hosts in Two Locations

By Kevin Ross | Jun 28, 2020

This video podcast setup for guests and hosts in two locations can help you get started with video podcasting with a remote setup. You can record a budget video podcast with two people, and if you’re looking to set up a mix/minus with your virtual guest or host, this is the solution I’ve been using…

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Video Editing Desk Tour 2020 with the Viewsonic VP3481

By Kevin Ross | Jun 21, 2020

In one of my previous videos you asked about what monitor I’ve been using to edit my videos on. Well, in this video editing desk tour of 2020 I feature the Viewsonic Ultrawide 4K display. The VP3481 has been my main video editing monitor on my desk setup in 2020 and this is the review…

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How to film with iPhone SE 2020 for a Youtube Studio

By Kevin Ross | Jun 16, 2020

If you’ve got an iPhone or quite frankly any smartphone launched within the last couple of years, then we’re going to talk about how you can use this as your main YouTube studio camera. In this video I specifically feature the iPhone SE 2 in 2020 and how this might just be the best budget…

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Budget DIY Video Lighting Setup

By Kevin Ross | Jun 10, 2020

This budget DIY video lighting is all you need to get started on a budget with your filming setup. If you are on a very lean budget and worried about how you’re going to light your studio, this very inexpensive lighting solution could help you get your start. This can be a YouTube lighting setup…

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iPhone SE 2 Screen Protector that fits

By Kevin Ross | Jun 1, 2020

This is the best tempered glass screen protector that fits the iPhone SE 2. There are a lot of glass screen protector companies stating that the iPhone 8 screen protector is compatible and will fit the new iPhone SE 2 in 2020, however many have had to pull back those statements due to a halo…

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Using the Deity S-Mic 2S for YouTube Audio

By Kevin Ross | May 18, 2020

Choosing the right audio gear for your YouTube setup is just as important as video. The Deity S-Mic 2S might be the best budget indoor shotgun microphone that could help you improve your audio for your filmmaking needs. This lightweight shotgun microphone can also be used outdoors and for in-person interviews on a boom pole.…

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Start a Podcast with your Phone in 2020

By Kevin Ross | May 11, 2020

I’ve been asked so many times about the easiest way to start a podcast. In this video I walk through the steps on how to start a podcast with your phone in 2020. Starting a podcast for beginners with just your iPhone and this simple workflow on how to record, edit, and share your podcast…

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How to get Better Skin Tones from any Camera

By Kevin Ross | May 6, 2020

In the beginning of my filmmaking career I’ve always wondered how to get better skin tones from any camera. Color grading to get better skin tones doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and regardless of the camera you are filming with or the monitor you are color grading on, you can get better skin tones with…

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Is the iPhone SE 2020 The Budget Phone for Almost Everyone?

By Kevin Ross | May 1, 2020

The iPhone SE 2020 may be the best budget phone for almost everyone. Is the iPhone SE 2 worth it, or is this just some reheated leftovers of the iPhone 8? I really want to give you my unbiased first impressions here with this iPhone SE 2 review as I give you my thoughts on…

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