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Is This The Best Travel Charger for Macbook Pro M1?

By Kevin Ross | Mar 18, 2022

Is this the best charger for the MacBook Pro M1? For those that are looking for an alternative charger for their M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook pro, this power brick from Anker might be a great choice, especially for travel. And for on the go charging, the ToughJuice Powerbank from ZeroLemon is also…

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Why Didn’t We Get the Mac Mini Pro

By Kevin Ross | Mar 10, 2022

We didn’t get the Mac Mini Pro, but instead we got the Mac Studio with M1 Max and the M1 Ultra Apple Silicon chipset as it was announced at the March 8th event. It seems that many of you were hoping (including myself) for an update to the M1 Mac Mini that was going to…

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CalDigit TS4 Thunderbolt 4 Dock for M1 Mac and M1 Max

By Kevin Ross | Mar 1, 2022

Is the CalDigit TS4 Thunderbolt 4 dock the best for M1 Mac, M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros? In this review of the CalDigit TS4 I want to help you make that buying decision for your next Thunderbolt 4 dock whether you have a M1 Mac Mini or MacBook Air, or the latest M1…

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Do We Even Want Or Need A Smaller Mac Mini?

By Kevin Ross | Feb 18, 2022

Do we even want or need a smaller Mac Mini? With the M1 Pro and Max MacBook Pros, it’s inevitable that we’ll see an upgrade to the current M1 Mac mini, but is this going to be a smaller Mac Mini and will there be issues with thermal throttling and the fan? I’ve reviewed the…

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Does This Anker Thunderbolt 4 Dock Work with the M1 Max MacBook Pro?

By Kevin Ross | Feb 15, 2022

Does this Thunderbolt 4 mini dock from Anker work for the M1 Max MacBook Pro? I have been using this Thunderbolt 4 dock with the M1 Mac Mini and M1 MacBook Air for the last year and I wanted to follow up on whether this dock is a viable option, or whether you may need…

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When Gear Matters the Most For a Creator

By Kevin Ross | Feb 6, 2022

Gear does matter and here’s why. You can start with what you have and also start on a small budget. However once you decide that you want your endeavor to grow and you start pushing yourself to do more, then this is where the gear does matter, especially as it relates to time. I started…

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Is This the Best Budget Monitor for M1 Max MacBook Pro?

By Kevin Ross | Jan 28, 2022

Is this the best budget 4K monitor for M1 Max MacBook Pro? This 27-inch 4K monitor from INNOCN (27C1U) might be one of the best displays to partner up with the M1 line up of MacBook Pros in your desk setup, especially in this price category for those in the creative space. This 4K display…

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The 14-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro is Confusing

By Kevin Ross | Jan 23, 2022

The 14-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro can be confusing when it comes to making that buying decision between this or the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Do I regret buying the M1 Max MacBook Pro, especially the 32-Core GPU when it comes to performance and battery life? Now, I have reviewed this 14-inch MacBook Pro and talked…

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Samsung 980 PRO vs WD Black SN850 External SSD For M1 Mac and M1 Max

By Kevin Ross | Dec 18, 2021

The Samsung 980 Pro and WD Black SN850 are both great external SSD options, but they do perform differently on these Apple Silicon machines. In this review I tested these SSDs on the M1 Mac Mini and the M1 Max 14-inch MacBook Pro. Keep in mind that you’re not going to get the full advertised…

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