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The M1 Max Desk Setup To Get Work Done

By Kevin Ross | Dec 10, 2021

This is my M1 Max Desk Setup where I get work done. In the video I feature the M1 Max 14 inch MacBook Pro along with two of my desks, one from Husky and the other is a DIY IKEA desk setup that I’ve been using in my workflow for a couple of years now.…

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M1 Pro and M1 Max Accessories For Travel

By Kevin Ross | Nov 28, 2021

If you’re looking for M1 Pro and M1 Max accessories for travel, then I’ve got a few that I’ve been testing and have used for quite some time in my workflow over the years. I tried to keep some of these options more geared for those that are on the move or on location and…

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M1 Max 14-inch MacBook Pro Battery Performance | Low Power Mode

By Kevin Ross | Nov 19, 2021

The M1 Max 14-Inch MacBook Pro battery performance in low power mode may help in certain workflows, but are you really going to get all day usage out of this MacBook Pro? The take home message here with this 14-inch MacBook Pro review is that it depends on your work environment (the actual environment), what…

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M1 Max 14-inch MacBook Pro Performance | Xcode

By Kevin Ross | Nov 13, 2021

How is the M1 Max 14-inch MacBook Pro performance with Xcode? In this review I go through the Xcode WebKit build while plugged in, on battery power, and low power mode. Is the fan noise too much and is the thermal envelope too small for the 14-inch MacBook Pro for heavy tasks? I also ran…

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M1 Pro and M1 Max | Does The Fastest External SSD Matter?

By Kevin Ross | Nov 9, 2021

The M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros are starting to get to your hands and you might be wondering what is the best and fastest external SSD. In this review and tutorial I go through some synthetic benchmarks as well as large file transfers, exporting a 4K video timeline and running apps and software…

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M1 Max 14-inch MacBook Pro Performance | Battery Life and Fans

By Kevin Ross | Nov 4, 2021

The M1 Max 14 inch MacBook Pro battery and performance seems to be an issue for some, but is this a dealbreaker for this device, and is it really a problem if it’s not under load constantly? In this review of the 14 inch M1 Max MacBook Pro I run through some benchmarks as well…

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M1 Max MacBook Pro | Let’s Get to Work

By Kevin Ross | Oct 30, 2021

The M1 Max MacBook Pro is here, so let’s get to work. I picked up the 14 inch M1 Max MacBook Pro with a 10-Core CPU and 32-Core GPU with 32GBs of RAM and a 1 TB SSD and I wanted to kick this off as a series of videos where I review the M1…

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M1X MacBook Pros: Should You Buy Immediately?

By Kevin Ross | Oct 6, 2021

The M1X MacBook Pros and Mac Mini should be announced very soon, but should you buy immediately after the Apple announcement? I know there are still a lot of leaks and rumors about these devices, but what some aren’t really talking about is the shipping delays that could occur because of the global manufacturing bottlenecks…

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Will The iPhone 13 Pro Make You a Better Photographer?

By Kevin Ross | Oct 3, 2021

Will the iPhone 13 Pro make you a better photographer? I know that this concept has been tossed around and this is a very loaded question. Context is everything when it comes to smartphone photography and filmmaking, and in this iPhone 13 Pro camera review I do want to provide some context. With the latest…

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