How to Podcast with Multiple Microphones on Your iPad

This is how to podcast with multiple microphones on your iPad or Computer. In this video I’ve created a workflow that I’m going to walk you through when it comes to starting a podcast using your iPad, but also being able to add a local guest or co-host.

I’m featuring the iPad Air 4, but this setup will also work with your Windows or Mac computer. As a side note, the MOTU M2, which is the interface I’m featuring here is compatible with the M1 Mac.

Starting a podcast can be easy, but when you start to add more variables such as more people, you’ll need to consider adding in hardware that is going to make your workflow much easier.

I did quite a bit of testing and I wanted to give a special thanks to Jared Spink of the Hive Podcast for helping with my testing because it was this show that I used to record several hours of audio tracks. I highly recommend this show for anyone wanting to start a podcast:

The gear I use to create

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