The Fastest External SSD for Video Editing on the M1 Mac

This is the fastest external SSD for video editing right now for the M1 Mac. This of course also applies to any Intel based Mac or PC. In this review of the M1 Mac and the Silicon Power PCIe Gen 4 SSD NVMe 1.3 in the Thunderbolt 3 enclosure from Fledging, I go back to editing a Full Sony A7siii 4K Timeline on this external drive and compare that with the internal drive as well as the Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD.

For those of you that have invested in external SSDs like the ones from Samsung or Sandisk, I’m not saying you need to go out and immediately pick up one of these DIY SSD NVMe solutions. I’ve run my own benchmarks, which do include synthetic benchmarks, but also my own workflow in how this SSD performs for file transfers and video editing.

SSD Info from the Manufacturer:

The gear I use to create

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