The M1 Mac’s Video Editing Performance on a Full 4K Timeline

The Apple M1 Mac’s video editing performance on a full 4K timeline shouldn’t be surprising, but I’m still always a little surprised. Editing a Full Sony A7siii 4K Timeline is nothing short of amazing, especially with these codecs. I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm on this M1 Mac mini review of editing video footage that I’ve never been able to even play back on my Macbook Pro with an EGPU. In this video I show you a full 4K video timeline that I put together to test out the render on an external SSD.

I often get asked about what M1 Mac should you get. Whether you’re thinking about the M1 Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, or the Mac mini like I’ve featured here, if you’re using Final Cut Pro, then working with 4K 10-bit XAVC h.264 and HEVC h.265 video files is so efficient on this machine that your workflow is going to be cut down significantly.

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