The M1 Mac and a Budget USB-C Hub to Expand Your Workflow

The Apple M1 Mac, and a budget USB-C Hub might be the way to go if you need to expand your workflow. Since the M1 Macs have limited ports, you may find yourself looking for more accessories to expand your storage, SD card slots, connecting microphones or other peripherals, and depending on your budget, which USB-C hub should you buy right now?

This hub can be used as a docking station for your peripherals, but it's also great if you're on the go or for travel because it packs away very easily. I will do a full list of accessories for the M1 Mac in an upcoming video, but let's just stick to this particular hub for now.

I bring you behind the scenes review and testing, and share with you my data on how this USB-C hub performs for video editing and file transfers and help you with a buying decision about your M1 Macbook, Macbook Air, or Mac mini and how you can expand your ports. If you are a student or someone on a tight budget that has the M1 Mac, then you may appreciate how inexpensive this particular hub is and how well it performs.

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