Is the iPad Air 4 More Powerful than a Macbook Pro?

Is the iPad Air 4 more powerful than a Macbook Pro? An iPad Air 4 vs. Macbook Pro review may seem like an unrealistic comparison, but when it comes to getting some real work done, especially some video editing, does it hold up?

This iPad Air 4 is one of the most powerful computers for video editing and it has recently been compared to the iPad Pro, but when compared to other more traditional laptops, it can definitely keep up. In this video where I continue to review the iPad Air 4 I bring you behind the scenes where I edit video footage from the Sony A7siii, which thanks to Josh Yeo from Mark Art Now, I was able to get access to this footage.

In my original iPad Air 4 review it was easy to recommend this as an every day carry, but if you are looking for an extremely powerful ultra-portable computer on a very reasonable budget then I think the iPad Air 4 could be an option for you whether a creative professional or student.

Using Lumafusion I honestly wasn’t sure how it was going to end up. Color me impressed? Well only if it’s Sky Blue. was going to go this way.

With the Apple event in October 2020 we got a peak into the capability of the A14 chipset, but with the upcoming Apple event in November we are now getting more of an idea of what the future holds for Apple Silicone.

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