iPad Air 4 Unboxing and Setup. Is it Actually Worth it?

Here is the iPad Air 4 unboxing and setup that I've been talking about. The question that I've posed to myself, which may be the same question you've had, is it actually worth it? This is my review and setup of the iPad Air 4 and the deeper question I pose, is this a replacement for your main workstation?

For anyone considering the iPad Air as an everyday carry whether as a creative, student or professional is this a device that you can get real work done. Is the iPad Air a laptop replacement or is it just a piece of gear that goes alongside a computer. Is it just a media consumption device?

If you’re considering an iPad Air or something like a Macbook Air or another ultra-portable device I’ve got a few thoughts in this review about what buying decisions you may want to consider before making that purchase.

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