iPhone XR vs iPhone SE 2 – Which One Should You Buy Now?

The iPhone XR and the iPhone SE 2 are both fantastic smartphones that have more in common than not. So you might be asking yourself about which one should you buy right now.

Well after the iPhone 12 announcement on October 13th it looks like Apple is keeping the iPhone XR in the current line up of phones and the SE 2 is also available as the “gateway” into the Apple ecosystem. Many of you have reached out asking about which phone you should get, especially those of you that are able to purchase the XR at the same price as the SE 2.

In this video I offer some very simple advice to help you make that buying decision between the SE 2020 and the XR that was released in 2018. With the SE 2 having the A13 Bionic and the XR having the A12 Bionic, will this really make a difference?

I really think the hold up is the obvious size difference in the two phones and the battery life, but really these two devices are very similar in every other way under the hood.

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