The iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE 2: Which One Should You Buy?

The iPhone 12 mini vs. iPhone SE 2 are two very compelling devices and the question has come up about which one should you buy. In this brief hands on review of the iPhone 12 mini I talk about whether it’s worth making the investment, especially when it is $300 USD more than the iPhone SE 2 which is also a fantastic device. The iPhone 12 mini has the smallest footprint for a flagship phone from Apple, but it packs a lot of features to consider.

On the flip side of this the iPhone SE 2020 is also a great device that has quite a few features that are also on the 12 mini. If you already own the SE 2 should you make the leap to the 12 mini? Also, if you’re someone who wants a phone with decent battery life does the iPhone 12 mini’s battery give you enough for a full day of use? I did test the battery life on both of these phones and I have to say that I personally can use either one.

The iPhone SE 2 was at low battery by about 5:30 (1730) in the evening, and that was putting the phone down and picking it up several times throughout the day for YouTube, Netflix, YouTube Studio, and some heavy Web Browsing and Twitter use, along with streaming music and podcasts (with the screen off).

The iPhone 12 mini was able to carry me to about 11:00 (2300), which included similar streaming of YouTube, Netflix, using Twitter and Instagram, but also the screen-off time where I also streamed music and podcasts.

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