iPhone SE 2 Six Months Later. Is it Still the Best?

After having the iPhone SE 2 for six months the question I address here is that is it still the best? As we head into Appleā€™s announcement for the iPhone 12, is the iPhone SE 2 still the budget phone to beat across the iOS and Android platforms?

I'm sure many of you may be questioning whether the iPhone SE will continue to dominate the space as the go to device that has the budget price with enough features and staying power for the next several years?

In this video I share with you my thoughts on the iPhone SE 2 after using it for six months. As an Android user I am still very intrigued by what this phone can do. If you're thinking about starting a podcast or using this as your primary camera and video editing device, then this iPhone will not disappoint.

I share the highlights on what I think are some of the best features as well as what I think about purchasing it with the iPhone 12 launch just on the horizon.

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