Comica BoomXD D2 Wireless Microphone Setup for Interviews, Streaming, and Vlogging

The Comica BoomXD D2 Wireless Microphone Setup might be the go to audio gear that can serve many use cases. If you’re looking for a wireless microphone setup for your filmmaking or streaming needs, and you’ve researched options like the Rode wireless go, you might want to consider the Comica BoomXD as a more budget friendly option.

As far as the budget concept here, consider that this particular package, the BoomXD D2 does come with two transmitters and the lavalier microphones. Not to mention you can use this wireless microphone setup for your camera to grab audio for those interviews, streaming, and even a mobile podcast. I’ve even used this wireless microphone for my iPhone.

Also, to be completely hands free or to have a microphone out of your frame, this could be one of the best microphones for YouTube gaming. In the review of the BoomXD I break down some of the advantages of this setup as well as a few tips to consider when using a wireless microphone system.

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