Can You Use a Wireless Microphone for Podcasting?

Can you use a wireless microphone for podcasting? The simple answer is yes, and there can be some benefits to using a wireless microphone setup like the one I’m featuring here from Comica. Also, if you are thinking about doing a video podcast and needing to plug your mic setup right into the camera and then have separate tracks to edit, then this may be a solution for you.

Being able to podcast on the go and record multiple hosts or guests with a lightweight setup is only the beginning of what this offers.

This setup can also be used for live streaming where you need to send two signals into one camera.

We go behind the scenes where I give you a brief tutorial on a simple editing process for Garageband, LogicProX, and for video podcasts, Final Cut ProX.

Now I have received a lot of inquiries about whether this will work with Windows. These features are not just exclusive to MacOS as just about any decent audio editor (DAW) or video editor (NLE) should be able to work with these files.

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