M1 Max Mac Studio: Do You Need the Fastest External SSD For Video?

The M1 Max Mac Studio. Do You Need the Fastest External SSD for a video editing? In this video I walk you through a 4K multicam timeline on the base model M1 Max Studio using Final Cut Pro with footage from a Sony a7IV and show you what the read and write speeds are when it comes to these external SSDs.

These Apple Silicon Macs are really efficient when it comes to video editing. 4K and especially 8K timelines require a lot of GPU and RAM to process this footage.

So, along with the video codecs you're working with, the bit rate, and aspect ratio, these will impact that actual read and write speeds.

Thanks Pete! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P7PGFCw4j2UUIKzEMyaCVbwE5zoVykbvFAuk37fzjN4/htmlview

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