Ultimate YouTube Filming Setup for any Size Studio

Here's the ultimate YouTube Filming Setup on wheels for any size studio can help you get that mobile capability for multiple filming setups. Whether you have a large studio to film in and you want different perspectives, you have a small studio, or you need to be mobile within your living space, this all-in-one YouTube Studio Setup on one stand might be one of the best solutions for you to be able to film where you want and when you want.

Maybe you have a small studio or just a small corner you can use to film your YouTube videos, but setting up tripods, lights and your audio gear and then having to tear these down or move them may be inhibiting you from creating.

In this video I show you how this DIY filming setup can work for just about any setting and all of this gear can be used for other filming needs.

And one of the best parts about this setup, besides the ability to be able to be mobile or in a small space, is that once you’re done filming you can just store this away in a corner of your office or a closet.

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